Improve Your ROAS

. . .

You can do it!

. . .

Actually,  you can’t . . . oops.

Bobby, of House Cleaning Denver, thought he could do it himself.  He botched his Adwords account, wasted a lot of ad dollars.  Then he asked us to have a look at it.  It was a mess, of course–exactly what you’d expect.  We made him some promises for improving it.  He accepted.  We made Bobby’s phone ring, and ended up saving him time and money, so he’s happy now.  He signed up month to month–it’s been a year and Bobby’s still a client.

Tongue in cheek?  Yeah, sort of, but maybe not so far from reality as you might think.  How are your online ads performing? If not as well as you had hoped, then maybe it’s time to call Troy at 303 975 2810.

[ROAS = Return on Ad Spending]

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