SEM Performance Guarantee

Most of our Adwords Review Reports include SEM Performance Guarantees.  These SEM Guarantees are custom by account.  Basically, we review your existing Adwords account and identify specific opportunities for improving it.  Then we make some promises about what exactly we’re going to do, and by when we’re going to do it.  Then we bet our fee for some time period on a particular level of improvement by a specific date.  That’s your guarantee, and it’s included with our proposal.

Sounds kind of  risky for us, eh?  Really, it’s not so risky for us; as long as we are able to review the account in advance, then we can get a pretty good idea about the prospects for improving it.  We can’t always perform miracles, and if we think the prospects for improving your account are uncertain, we’ll simply say so in our proposal.

However, a remarkably high number of the accounts we review are pretty messed up, probably because Advertisers tend to look around for an upgrade when their account is doing poorly.  So, since the accounts can be improved significantly, almost all of our Adwords Account Reviews include an SEM Performance Guarantee.  If we give you an SEM Performance Guarantee, it’s a rocking good deal for you and in our experience, you’re going to choose us over other competing SEM agencies.

Why Guarantee Only for Adwords?

Most advertisers have a collection of SEM accounts, but our free review generally focuses on just the Adwords account, because Adwords has better reports and tools than the other platforms, so we can do the Adwords review more easily and more thoroughly.  Many of our findings and ideas for your Adwords account will also apply to other platforms, even though our performance guarantee may not.

Get an SEM Performance Guarantee Today

Want an SEM performance guarantee?  First step is to get a Free Adwords Review.  Show us your account, and we’ll make you some promises.  Troy can get the ball rolling for you today; call him at 303 975 2810.

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