SEM Reports

The Adwords Report Center allows you to generate reports automatically.  Yeah, yeah, but this is certainly NOT what we’re referring to when we speak about “Custom SEM Reports.”  Most other agencies simply repackage the standard Adwords reports and send the result to clients as a “monthly sem report,” but then, that doesn’t involve any analysis does it?  And really, without analysis, how can there be improvement from month to month?  And without improvement from month to month, what’s the point?

So, bottom line, we think our custom analysis, as documented by our custom reporting, represents a major value driver for our SEM Clients, and it distinguishes us from other SEM Agencies.

Custom Analysis – Custom Reporting

Every account is different than every other account, and each account is different from itself, month to month.   Almost any SEM account can be improved with careful analysis, some good ideas, and meticulous management.  The analysis we will undertake throughout each month, for your account will depend on a lot of factors, including performance trends, economic conditions, recent changes to the account, what analysis was performed during the prior month, as well any strategic business issues which you, the Advertiser, may identify.

Our reports document our analysis.  So since our analysis is custom, our reports are also custom, and these reports vary for every account, every month.

What can you expect to receive each month?

Even though our Custom reports vary considerably, they include some elements.  You’ll find each monthly report includes a performance summary, a lot of discussion about the performance, results of our analysis, and a list of things we intend to do in the ensuing period to improve performance.

If you’re interested in seeing some sample Custom SEM Reports, phone Troy at 303 975 2810.  He can send you some sample PDF’s for your reading pleasure.

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