Break KW’s Into More Ad Groups

More Ad Groups For Better Performance

Creating more ad groups, and putting fewer keywords into each ad group can significantly improve performance.

Benefits of More Ad Groups

There are a lot of benefits to breaking keywords into more ad groups, including: higher CTR, higher Quality scores, easier landing page targeting, and easier maintenance.

Improve CTR with More Ad Groups

Breaking your keywords into more ad groups allows you to tailor your ads more finely, to include your primary keywords in ads.  This is the single most important thing you can do to enhance CTR.

Improve Quality Scores with More Ad Groups

If you have a quality score issue, most often it can be fixed by breaking out more ad groups.  Try it, it works!

Target Landing Pages with Ads, Not Keywords

It’s no fun maintaining keyword level target URL’s.  For most accounts, you can avoid this by breaking keywords into more ad groups, and targeting URL’s with ads instead of keywords.

Easier Bid Maintenance with More Ad Groups

With more ad groups, you can manage most bids at the ad group level instead of the keyword level.  Generally, not more than 10% of keywords require separate bids, if you have enough ad groups.  This will, over time, save you loads of time and energy in bid maintenance.

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For more information about how to determine optimal ad groups for your account, phone Hanna at 303 975 2810.

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