Exand Scope of Adwords A/C

Adwords Account Not Spending Budget

If your Adwords account is not spending its daily budget, consider expanding the scope of those elements which are performing best.

Add More Keywords

You can expand the scope of a search campaign effectively by adding more keywords to the best performing ad groups.  Identify new keywords by running Google’s opportunity tool and running a search query report, for the winning ad groups.

Add More Ad Groups

You can expand the scope of a content (or search) campaign by adding more ad groups which are closely associated with winners.  Just split a winning ad group into two ad groups, and double the keywords for both.  If you do this each month, you will over time skew spending towards your most productive elements.

Add More Placements

You can expand the scope of content campaigns by identifying winning placements, marking them as managed placements, and bidding higher for those.  To find these, run a placement report, or just check out Automatic Placements from the Network tab.

You might also Increase Bids for your most productive elements.

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