Negative Placements

Improve the performance of Content Campaigns by actively specifying in which placements your ads will display.  One means of doing this is to exclude under-performing or inappropriate placements.

Finding Negative Placements

Identify placements to exclude by running a placement report for a longish time period.  Sort the listing high to low by cost, and pause those placements which have any of the following failings, combined with no historic conversions:

  1. Relatively Low CTR – implies that users aren’t finding the ad relevant.
  2. High cost with no conversions – implies that the quality of traffic may not be worth buying.
  3. Inappropriate sites – some sites, by their nature, may not be suitable for your ads, like gaming sites, for example.

Also consider excluding categories, as well as adding managed placements to your content campaigns, and bid higher for those.

For more information about excluding placements, phone Hanna at 303 975 2810.

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