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Image Ads For Google Adwords

If you’re designing image ads for Google Adwords, we have a few ideas which you might find helpful.

Designing Display Ads

Here are a few of the things we consider when making image ads to support Adwords Display Campaigns:

  • don’t put “click here” in the ads, because Google might ding them.
  • if you’re going two panel animated gifs or jpgs (which is what we generally recommend), be sure to include something looking like a button at least on the second panel, if not on both panels (“Learn More” or “Register Here”), because even though the whole ad is clickable, people like to click on buttons.
  • if you’re animating the ad, it must stop rotating after one or two cycles (we always rotate once or 1.5x, depending on the ad.
  • make the ads complement your website in terms of design, colors, and message. Include your logo on every frame (sometimes we deviate from this).
  • generally it pays to create two competing ads x 8 sizes, for each web offering.  If you’re going to skimp, you might opt for the most common / best performing 3 sizes instead.  While there is some variability by campaign in which sizes are most common, lacking any data to the contrary, if we find it difficult or too expensive to make 2 complete sets x 8 sizes, then we would normally opt for two sets x these three sizes:

- Banner (468 x 60)
- Leaderboard (728 x 90)
- Square (250 x 250)

You could always go back and pick up the remaining five later then, for the best performing design:

- Small Square (200 x 200)
- Large Rectangle (336 x 280)
- Inline Rectangle (300 x 250)
- Skyscraper (120 x 600)
- Wide Skyscraper (160 x 600)

  • there’s no such thing as a BEST ad (continuously improve them), and every rule is worth breaking, particularly if you’re running two competing ads.   Who knows, maybe you’ll try a whole new design and it works so well, it will prompt you to improve your landing page design / message.
  • Unique generally beats boring, so try one conventional idea, and another unique idea. Which will perform best? We’re always surprised.

I hope you find these ideas helpful. We generally follow the above, but deviate from EVERY suggestion from time to time.

Here is a link to Google’s specifications:

Although we encourage clients who can do so, to create their own display ads, we can design image ads for regular Adwords clients upon request.  If you’re interested, phone Hanna at 303 9785 2810 to discuss your ad design requirements.

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