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Write More Ads!

Looking for ways to improve performance?  Just write more ads!

When it comes to writing ads, the job is never done.  Continuously improve ad text by sorting the winners and losers, pausing the duds, and writing replacement ads.

Split Test Ads

Sort ads according to CPA and CTR and pause the duds.  Write replacements, and do it again.  Proper split testing of ads requires planning and careful implementation.  Consider analyzing ad attributes across ad groups, to see what types of product or service attributes or qualifying ad text is leading to conversions.

When we take over the management of an Adwords account, we typically write a ton of new ads, and we find that this can be a major value driver in an overhaul.  This is because it’s time consuming and very labor intensive to tailor hundreds of ads to 25 to 50 ad groups, so most Advertisers don’t bother.

Four Active Ads Per Ad Group

We generally try to maintain 3 to 4 active ads per ad group.  For mature accounts, you’ll find dozens of paused ads, some with only slight variations on the best performing ad.  Slightly varying your ad text in a new competing ad is one method of ensuring that you’re “overloading” impressions of that ad, while continuously refining  and improving the best ads.

A Single Shade of Gray

After awhile, all your ads will start to fuzz together and look alike.  So from time to time, consider shaking it up with a couple new “outside the box” ad ideas.

Also see: Ad split testing.

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