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Continuously Improve Your Ads

If you’re willing to do the work, it’s not difficult to improve your ads.

The key to improving your ads through ad split testing is: a) plan; b) analyze; c) identify winners & losers; and d) repeat.

Plan Split Tests

AB Split tests work best when applied to your best performing ads.  Vary them in a specific uniform manner across all ad groups in order to identify which variant of two works best.   By applying AB Split Testing to your best ads, you give them preferential treatment, causing variants of your best ads to display more frequently than other ads.  So if you have 4 ads in an ad group, one would represent your best performing ad from previous periods, one would be a variant of your best ad, and two would be alternate or new ad ideas.

Analyze Ad Results

If your account is generating a lot of leads, then you’ll evaluate ads on the basis of CPA.  If not, then you might be stuck choosing a winner based on CTR.

Ad Creative – Winners & Losers

Pause, don’t delete losers, so you keep a record of how past AB tests have gone.  If you continue to pause and save your previous ads, then over time, your account will contain a mine of valuable data which can be applied for other marketing uses.

Repeat Forever

Just keep writing new variations of your current ads, combining the best new ideas with the best legacy ads, then pausing the losers.  If you keep doing this forever, then your ads can continuously improve forever.  Be happy that it’s so much work, knowing that most of your ad space competitors are just too lazy to do it. Continuously improving your ads is the surest way to slow grind out your competition.

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