Negative Keywords

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You Can’t be Too Negative!

When it comes to keyword selection, it pays to be pessimistic–the more good negative keywords you can identify, the better all your campaigns will perform.

Eliminate Unproductive Impressions With Negative Keywords

The objective with negative keywords is to avoid showing your ad to any prospects who are unlikely to convert efficiently.   So if you’re missing your CPA targets, then pile on negative keywords to eliminate unproductive impressions and clicks.

Select Different Negative Keywords for Content & Search

Some of your negative keywords for search may not apply for content.  If your content doesn’t seem to have any traffic, you may find that you’re dragging it down with some search-type negatives.  Negative keywords like compare, reviews, websites, blogs can be effective for search but ineffective for content ads.

Also see: Split content ads into separate campaigns.

Generic Negatives Don’t Work

For negative keywords to be effective, they should be tailored to each account.

Long Tail Negative Keywords Don’t Work

Are your negative keywords more than two words long?  If so, they’re probably a waste of database space.  Don’t bother adding long-tail negative keywords to your account.  The most effective negative keywords in your account will be those which eliminate a meaningful segment of under-performing traffic.  Long tail negative keywords, by definition cannot do so.

To learn more about how to find and select negative keywords, phone Hanna at 303 975 2810.

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