Increase Bids

Hitting CPA Targets, But Not Spending Daily Budget?

If this is your situation and you have a low impression share, then we would categorize your Adwords account as “Disengaged.”

Increase Bids!

It’s easy to fix a disengaged account; simply increase your bids on everything which is converting.

What if you don’t know which keywords might have converted?  If your bids have never served ads on the first page, or have otherwise earned very few impressions, due to low bids, then it may be unclear whether such terms might potentially convert efficiently with first page bids.

If you’re not spending your budget, and still don’t know whether a large percentage of your keywords are economically viable, then why not bump up bids on those elements of your campaigns which are questionable, or may not have earned much traffic in the past, due to second page bids?  Doing so will allow you to determine whether they will convert efficiently, and to begin sorting the winners and losers.

Expand Converting Elements

Also, try expanding those elements of your account which are performing best.  Use the Adwords “Opportunities” tab and the search query report to identify new keywords which are closely related to those which are converting best.

Increasing bids on proven losers can’t improve economic performance under any circumstances.  However, just because a keyword hasn’t converted efficiently in the past doesn’t necessarily mean you should give up on it.  If you’re a tax attorney, and convert the keyword, “tax attorney,” then that’s an issue.  The term is highly relevant, and also highly competitive.  It converts well for many of your competitors, so if it’s not converting well for you, then you should compare your website to your competitors’ sites and make whatever improvements may be required.

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