Missing CPA Targets

Sort, Tighten, Focus!

If you’re paying more than your target for each lead or sale then sort winners from losers, tighten scope, and focus ad spending on the best performing elements of your account.

Sort Winners & Losers

We review half a dozen or so accounts per week, and for many of those, we find that they are spending their ad dollars, capturing a small portion of their impressions, yet missing their CPA targets.  If this is the situation for your account, you’re in luck, because it represents a great opportunity for immediate improvement.

For you, the easiest way to improve economic performance is simply to pause dud keywords.  This won’t cost you traffic, because you’re only buying a fraction of your possible traffic anyway.  So the result will be to skew spending towards those elements of your account which are performing best.

Simply sort your keywords by spending for the past 60 days or so, and pause several high dollar ones which haven’t converted.  If you do this everyday for a couple of weeks, you’ll find your CPA improves, and you’ll begin to capture a higher percent of impressions for your most productive elements of your account.

If you’re missing your CPA Targets then see Create a star campaign.  Also consider the following idea:  Break Keywords into More Ad Groups.

For more information about specific things you can do to improve your cost per conversion, phone Hanna at 303 975 2810.

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