Implement Adwords Conversion Tracking

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Why Adwords Conversion Tracking?

Implement Adwords Conversion Tracking to improve the economic performance of your account.

How to implement Adwords Conversion Tracking

If you haven’t implemented conversion tracking before, it might seem difficult, but actually it’s pretty easy.  However you need access to your Adwords account as well as to your website files.

First go to the Conversions tab and generate the code.  We generally select the third option which makes the code invisible on the page.   Copy the result, send it off to your webmaster, and also send him the link Google offers for “how to place conversion tracking code on the page.”

Checking and Troubleshooting Conversion Tracking

There are a few really common mistakes, so check your conversion tracking during the first week to make sure it’s running right.  First, make sure it’s not on the landing page–if your conversions is about the same as your clicks, then it’s been put on the wrong page — get your webmaster to correct it.

Second, make sure that you’re actually getting conversions recorded in the interface.  If not, then find one of your ads, click on it, and convert the conversion process yourself.  Then check the next day to ensure it was recorded by the interface.  If it’s not, then get your webmaster to fix it.

If you have problems implementing this, you can phone Hanna at 303 975 2810 and ask her to help–she is a genius with implementing conversion tracking for hundreds of Adwords accounts.

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