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Define Conversions for Improved Results

If you’re sending traffic to your website through any means, then you can improve the performance of your website by establishing metrics to distinguish between those visitors who convert to leads or sales and those who do not.

The first step is to define a conversion, and this post shows you how.

How to Define a Conversion

Think about, as the best case, what it is that you expect a visitor to your site to do.  For service companies it’s usually to complete and online form or to just call you.  For an online store, it’s usually to make a purchase online.  For some Advertisers it may be to download something.  Whatever your goal, it really pays to track results, so you can see which visitors are converting best in a relative sense.

Tracking Phone Calls

There are plenty of solutions available for tracking calls, and having these recorded as conversions.  However for most Advertisers, the solution costs more than it’s worth.  If you’re getting 3/4 of your conversions by phone, and 1/4 via an online form, then it still pays to track the online piece, because what matters is not a precise count, but rather relative performance.  Usually, you can determine which keywords are working best by tracking just the online form portion of the traffic.

Tracking online sales

For online sales, it pays to track sales value because if a keyword is generating only sales of low value parts, for example, not a machine, then it’s good to know that.  If you need help with this, phone Hanna at 303 975 2810.

No Online Form?

If you’re a service company and you don’t presently have an online form on every page of your website, then you should consider changing that.  It’s usually simple and not so expensive to implement such a revision and many Advertisers find that it results in a remarkable improvement in their conversion rates.  If you need help with this, phone Hanna at 303 975 2810.

Also consider: Set Conversion Targets as well as Implement Google Analytics.

If you’re ready to take your Online Ads to the next level, phone Hanna at 303 975 2810.

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